This is the most popular unit when it comes to general storage. These units cost a fraction per square foot compared to their 20ft equivalent units. Most customers who have a lot of room on their properties will purchase a 40ft unit over a 20ft unit. When space is not an issue, 40ft units are a much better bang for your buck over the 20ft equivalent units.

We only sell top quality, Cargo Worthy Grade A units. We guarantee the following.

Wind and Water Proof

Our units come with a 100% leak free guarantee so you can keep your belonging safe and dry.

Working Doors

It's important to have working doors and good door seals so you can store your things securely.

Damage Free Floors

All units come with damage free floors, so your heavy object don't fall through and rodents don't get in.

Here's some more basic information about the unit you have selected. Different container sizes are useful for different applications, here are the dimensions, weights and some applications this particular unit size can be used for. Shipping container dimensions are standard and do not vary by manufacturer or the manufactured year. The weights will slightly vary depending on manufacturer or what year they were made in. Here you will find the approximate weight for this unit size.

These Units Are Perfect For..

Cottage Recreational Equipment
Hunting Equipment & Supplies
Renovation Storage
ATV's & Tractors
General Storage

Unit Dimensions

40'L x 8'W x 8'6"H
39'6"L x 7'8"W x 7'9"H

Unit Weight

Tare Weight (empty)
3,700 kg
8,150 lbs

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